Nocturnal Ruminations

Last night I went to bed without writing a blog and I hate myself a little bit when I do that because the ‘blog a day’ concept is important to me, it means I get a lot of words out there and that produces ideas for more writing and I now have a lot of books out there (available on  Amazon and Kindle) and that is some contribution to the human race, or at least an offering, like the millions of words  written on bathroom walls in now abandoned buildings.
So, this is a morning make-up blog and I’ll write about my dream last night.  Two things were happening.  Kind of in the background, I had written a poem (don’t remember the poem, about a four liner about some town in Australia, and I’ve never been to Australia) which had become very popular, everybody (in the High School class) was talking about it, but I had signed somebody else’s name, and she was very confused.
But the main event, the sharp and clear focus of the dream, I was in a cafe in an airport and I went to buy cigarettes (haven’t smoked the nasty things for 30 years now) but there were technical problems.  It was a computer order, like they have at all the McDonald’s now and I hate it, although there was an attendant working the board, it didn’t accept my dollars, but wouldn’t void the transaction and let me purchase in crowns, and I had a wallet that was totally stuffed with them.
Meaning?  I don’t know, but I got a filler blog out of it.  Tonight I’ll probably write about the totally fraudulent election in Georgia, or the “Green New Deal,” or something important.

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