Public Position, Cyber Position

Just had a rather heated exchange on Facebook and it was among people I really like -well, only a couple of whom I actually know, but the others all seemed like nice, but misguided, folks.

The original post, from a person I know in real life and admire greatly, was “I just don’t understand all the vitriol directed against Hillary Clinton.”
When I hear that, I feel duty bound to explain the reasons for the vitriol.  It ranges from her voting record, to her sense of political entitlement, which we saw on full display in 2008, and then again in 2016, to her irritating voice (didn’t mention that because it would have led to charges of misogyny), to her corruption, to the murders.
It wound up with most of the people thinking I was a bit of a crackpot, I think, but that’s O.K.  I prefer the term ‘independent thinker,’ but it’s kind of the same thing.
To tell the truth, I’m a much nicer person in real life than on Facebook; an easy going, non-confrontational type.

But, that’s what social media is for, I reckon.  To let us be a little bit more direct than we might face to face, because if we talked to each other like that face to face, somebody would get punched in the nose pretty darned quick.  And directness is good.  At this point in human history, I feel it’s even necessary.
Let’s get everything out on the table, and then we can sort through it.

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