Future Car

I was watching this thing on TV and it was pretty interesting, as I’m interested in the future and stuff, I mean, I plan on living there at some point, or at least visiting.  They were talking about how our cars would be  on a car intranet, and connected to the human internet, and everybody else through their mobile phones, plus they’ll have AI and be a million times smarter than us. You’d have stuff like you could know what music people  were listening  to in the cars around you and it could tell you which drivers near you might have mutual interests, so I guess you could contact them and agree to meet at the next diner, to conclude a business deal or just hook  up.  It all looked very interesting until it came time for the commercial break and I realized it was called Future Car, logically enough, but at that point I realized that the future they are selling is one that is directly contrary to what I want and probably not the best one for the future of mankind, no matter how cool it looks.  It’s still an  endless parade of individuals or small, small groups encased  in metal  and hurtling rickety split here and there on  and endless, world-girdling strip of concrete, consuming some kind of  energy  and gaining a minimum of satisfaction.
We need to go with trains.  Oh, sure, these future cars may be electric, and driverless so  that they’re massively more efficient. They might even be powered by magnets embedded in  the pavement, but a train could  do all  that too, carry a lot more passengers for a lesser amount of energy (which still costs something, and  I’m talking  about  costs in terms of resources, although  cash is a  consideration  as well), not isolate human beings into units of four or  less,  and make the journey oh, so much more pleasant.  You can even meet  people on the  train.

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