Robotics and AI

The other day I got onto  a jag of watching videos about robots and AIs, because a friend had been raving about Sophia, but I  couldn’t find any one of her that I hadn’t seen before, so I wasn’t quite as impressed as he was.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s impressive, but once you’ve seen her a couple of times, it’s like, O.K., a robot can answer real time questions, logically, in grammatical English, certainly quicker and more intelligibly than some of my students ever could, but so… I guess I’m just expecting a bit much, and the fact that she actually can’t fool anybody into  thinking she’s human (the fact that they don’t put a wig on her really  sets her back in that respect.)
But, they still have to wheel her out, so there are the mobility issues, and despite the speed and appropriateness of her answers, there was still a somewhat inhuman (but not unpleasant) cadence to her speech, and she would flunk a Voit-Kampf test in about two minutes.

What I don’t get is this:  they are doing such amazing things with robotic mobility, I’ve seen robots that can walk down stairs, and do back flips and such, and they are doing such amazing work  with AI programs, so when are they going to put these two together?
That would be cool.

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