A few days ago I had a conversation with a good friend on the subject of synchronicity, which I generally think of, despite tremendous admiration for Robert Anton Wilson as a writer and a thinker, as a new-agey word for coincidence, but my friend doesn’t actually agree with that.  His point was trying to figure out a way to calculate the probability of it happening, and at what point could you say it was beyond coincidence and should be taken as an omen of sorts.
I wasn’t entirely convinced, but I’m not one to ignore omens, either.  Today, two people posted very similar photos on Facebook.  Different contexts, very different people and I’m pretty  sure they don’t know each other.  My Facebook friends are an odd mix, they are from all around the world.  Some are interested in poetry and literature, some like to argue about politics a lot, and, of course, a lot of them post pictures of cats, food, and their exotic vacations.
So, both photos were of a dried leaf next to a rock, on a pebbly background.  That sounds quite specific, but you could look at a hundred photos that fit that description, and never confuse one with the other.
Still, I thought it enough of a coincidence to write a blog about it.  Something about how there is as much variety on the  micro as the macro level.  Something about how you’ve got to get into it, before you get out of it.  Something about death, perhaps, and being laid to rest.  Something about leaves.  Something about rocks.  Something about synchronicity.


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2 responses to “Synchronicity

  1. DW

    I don’t know if you did it on purpose or if it’s syncronicity, but yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Frank Zappa’s death and you put that “got to get into it before I get out of it” line from Dynamo Hum, and also a reminder of “Help, I’m a Rock”.

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