Les Gilets Jaunes

I am happy that’s over, and that it didn’t get any uglier than it did, which was kind of ugly.  I’m glad that the police took off their helmets and  decided to stop beating people and instead stand with  them.  I’m not sure how spontaneous that was, or if they just got orders to stand down, because Macron had decided to  deal, but it was a cool moment and I’m willing to give the French cops a moment of credit.  I might not feel the same about American cops, I’ve had personal experience with those fuckers.  And, of course, I’m glad Macron decided to cave on  the key demand, and rescind the gas tax, even though I’m against the use of gas at all and think the real solution is more electric cars and more comprehensive public transport and bike paths everywhere.
The protesters won, and the politicians for once listened to the voice of the people.  That is a big step forward.

It’s all a bit confusing, because there was more than one group out there protesting, but I did see a list today of some of the demands (from the left – I think this was basically a leftist demonstration) and the gas tax was only one of about 30 points, which ranged from a higher minimum wage to better treatment of immigrants to getting French scientist to design a hydrogen powered vehicle “which would be better for the environment than an electric car.”  I thought that was a real interesting one.

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