A Modest Proposal

Like the vast majority of human beings on this planet, I am deeply dissatisfied with our leadership, and with the direction our society is moving, especially because that direction is toward extinction.
So, I often say things like “Let’s bring back the guillotines” ir “it’s time for bayonets and pitchforks,”  or I quote JFK who said “when you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.”
I don’t actually have a plan for violent revolution and, truth to tell, if one happened I would probably try to stay out of the way.  I’m not a violent person.  Never have been good at it, for one thing.

But, when Joe Biden made his idiot comment about how “500 billionaires aren’t the problem” (when they quite clearly are), I said “Well then, let’s just kill off the first 500, and if that doesn’t solve the problem, we’ll kill off the next 500.”  I wasn’t speaking literally but, just taking it as a thought experiment, I think killing off the first 500 would do the trick.  They have the money and the power to transform the world and make it a much better place – they just don’t want to do it.
But here’s another thought experiment (again, I’m not talking literally, and I know this would be illegal):  let’s just take the top 500 billionaires and strip them of all their assets.  Maybe you could even leave them a million or so to live on.  No need to be vindictive at all.  That may or may not raise enough money to solve all the world’s problems.  I think it would, but it would sure encourage the 500 below them to start divesting.  Sure, they’d try to juggle the books, to put all of their assets into friendly hands, or maybe to invest it.  You would have the economy trickling down so fast it would be a waterfall.  You’d have the richest couple thousand people in the world falling all over themselves not to be in that top group.  It would be enough to solve all  the world’s problems, and carry us into a utopian age.

And nobody would need to get killed.

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