What Money Can Buy

All the trolls get the same talking points, and when you mention Medicare for All or the Green New Deal, they’ve taken to saying “How are you going to pay for it?” which is kind of a bullshit argument in a country where the government can ‘lose’ trillions of dollars and nobody blinks an eye, and “Not every problem can be solved by throwing enough money  at it.”
That is actually true.  Some problems can.  Some problems can’t.  On the personal level, money will  solve all your problems about having a place to live, and getting enough to eat, and being able to go out  in the evening now and then.  But it won’t make people like you, and it won’t make you any smarter or better looking.
On the public level as well, it’s pretty  easy to know which problems could be solved by spending enough money on them, and which not.  Money will not solve the problems of racism, or sexism.  Money will not solve  the problem of money in politics, in the same way that hate won’t stop hate.
But, money can definitely go a long way toward saving the planet, which is the big issue, and what the discussion was about that sparked this.  Money can pay millions of people to plant trees all day long, until  we’ve restored all the forests, reclaimed a lot of the deserts, and every city street is a leafy, shaded street.  Which is also good for the economy, because it means full time employment for millions of people, and if the Green New Deal  administration is paying them $15 bucks an hour, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and all the others  will have to follow suit or they won’t have any employees.  Money can pay for as many solar panels and windmills as you like, and pay the salaries of the people who install  them.  Money can build high speed mag-lev and hyperloop trains, money can pay  for electric buses, money can establish recycling centers, and bring clean water to everywhere, and establish green communities whose carbon footprint is measured in negative numbers.  Money, used with a little bit of intelligence and imagination, can  save the  world.
Not only that, but it will be money wisely invested.  It will come back,  with  interest.

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