Of all the headlines in all the news, the ones I like best are the ones that start with “Scientists Discover…”  It’s much more pleasant than some of the most common first two words of headlines, such as “Florida Man…” which you just know will end badly, or “Kidnappers Demand,” “Terrorists Threaten,” or the all too common “Hundreds Dead.”
Despite all  the problems of the world, progress continues to be made, on one front, on another front, and eventually the world will be wrapped in  an informational Dyson Sphere, if that makes any sense at all.
A quick Google search a few minutes ago with those two words and a filter for articles with the last 24 hours revealed new knowledge in many fields.  Alzheimer’s research, as “Scientists Discover New Brain Activity at Early Stages” which is really great because the more they know, the sooner they’ll find a cure.  The next hit was Scientist’s Discover Solar Systems Farthest Object” which they’ve named “Farout” because the people at NASA are all giant Nerds, they really are.  The third hit was “Japanese Scientists Discover Ice on Asteroid” and I  don’t think that’s actually  a first but the story seemed to focus more on how they did it, so as we’re discovering new things in  space, and more and more water asteroids, you can’t have too  many, really, we’re also improving the technology of research itself.
It doesn’t matter  what  Trump tweeted today.  There is still hope for the world.

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