Trump Gets One Right

He’s still a wretched excuse for a human being.  He’s a morally decrepit, barely literate, socially retarded pathological  liar who is using  the presidency as a means to increase his personal  wealth, and he deserves to be in jail, where I suspect he may wind up sooner rather than later because the last week or so has been really bad for him legally, but, credit where it’s due, he’s doing absolutely the right think in withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria.
It was clear a year ago that Assad was not going to be ousted by the U.S. or anybody else, and it was also clear that the U.S. was aligned with ISIS, even though the U.S. kept saying “No, we’re supporting the freedom fighting rebels, not the evil terrorist ISIS rebels, and we’ve got no idea how ISIS wound up with so much made in America military equipment.”
Trump just said that ISIS has been defeated now, and since that was the objective all along (it wasn’t, but that doesn’t  matter now) it’s time  to go – which it is.  He might have some ulterior motive.  He might be just handing over Syria to Putin, as I’ve seen some suggest.   I don’t really care.   Russian oil companies, American oil companies.  The world has to switch over to renewable energy now, so a bit of squabbling over oil rights doesn’t matter as much any more.
One thing he has done, although I doubt he’s smart enough to  realize this, is he’s outflanked the Democrats to the left, which the Democrats  were dumb enough to let happen.
Even if he gets impeached,  even if  he gets jailed, which I think is now likely, he will go down in history as the president who got us out of Syria, and the Democrats will go down as the party that got us in.

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