Well, that’s twice this week and I am as amazed as anybody.  Trump did another good thing.  He signed a farm bill which includes legalizing hemp, which is long overdue and will be nothing but good for the economy.
It was only illegal in the first place because it looks a bit like marijuana, therefore confusing the police, who are not necessarily botanically literate.  That is  really  a bone-headed and wrong reason for something to be illegal.  Are they going to make laundry detergent illegal because it looks like cocaine?  Are you going to have to be 21 from now on to drink water, because it looks just like vodka?

No.  It was a stupid law from the start, it  costs nothing at all to reverse it, and provides farmers with one more possible  cash crop, which  doesn’t help much, of course, if we’re tariffing everything so that they can’t sell  anything at all abroad because of reciprocal  actions in  other countries and there’s a limited amount of money you can make from manufacturing rope.

Anyway, that’s two points for Trump this week.

Of course, he’s still willing (eager, if you listen to his statements of a week ago and not what he said today) to shut down the government and make lots of people lose money and others have to work without pay, and maybe some do without vital services, just because congress doesn’t want to authorize $5 billion to build a stupid wall that everybody but his supporters thought was a fantasy, perhaps a rhetorical flourish, but not a real suggestion because the concept is laughable.
Well, nobody’s laughing now, but there’s no reason anybody should have to pay for it, either.  We asked him during the campaign who was going to pay for  it, and he never once said it should be the American taxpayer.
He’s still as crooked as the day is long, is using the office of the presidency for his personal gain, and should be impeached.
He’s still a mental incompetent with the social skills of a 4 year old, and not one of the good 4 year olds.
But, credit where it’s due, legalizing hemp is  a good move and so is getting out of Syria.

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