An Interesting Idea

The best suggestion I saw today  on  Facebook was a post that said “NY should rename 5th Ave. as Barack Obama Avenue because then  that  would  be  the address of Trump Tower forever.”
It’s doable.  Sure, 5th Avenue is an internationally known brand.  It’s been mentioned in songs and films galore.  There’s a perfume by that name.  But it’s only a number and streets get new names all  the time.  He was  a  U.S. president, and generally a popular one, especially  in New York.  And it’s a New York City  government decision, so  it’s politically  conceivable.
There would be people who object.  I  don’t like  it  that there’s an airport named for Ronald Reagan, but there you have  it.  Once, when I  was working as an airlines reservation agent, I got a customer who  refused  to fly into LaGuardia because (in his words) “LaGuardia was a goddamned communist!”  So,  both sides get it.
Of course, if  we were to be sensitive to everybody’s opinions, probably no streets, or airports, or High Schools should be named after politicians because some people hated them.  Look at the controversy over Confederate Monuments.
Maybe that would be better.  But, you know  it would just eat Donald Trump alive if they did name it after Obama and, for that reason alone,  I hope it happens.

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