White Christmas

I didn’t write a blog last night and I could easily claim Christmas as an excuse, so I am going to.  We celebrate Christmas Czech style, with a dinner of carp and potato salad and opening all the presents on what I grew up thinking of as Christmas Eve, i.e. the 24th.
So, today is the morning after Christmas, but….whereas yesterday was damp and sodden, rainy and kind of miserable, this morning the ground, and all the trees and rooftops, are covered in snow, so it’s a bit of a white Christmas after all.
We’re at the cottage, in the north of the Czech Republic, in the foothills of the Krkonoš mountains, and snow is fitting and appropriate.  It’s a tiny village, like something from a Josef Lada painting.
Anyway, it isn’t that we were so busy celebrating that I forgot to write my blog.  I just forgot to write my blog.  We’d finished opening all the presents, and the kids were happily watching “Home Alone” for the millionth time (it still works, because it’s like a 3 Stooges Film – there is something intrinsically hysterical about seeing people get knocked down stairs, hit on the head with heavy objects, and getting whacked in the cojones by a swinging object), but I think that’s kind of a strange message for a Christmas movie.  It’s like Die Hard, for little kids.
Anyway, I started reading the book I got for Isabel, which was “A Wrinkle in Time.”  I read it when I was probably about her age, and had pretty much forgotten it, so it was good to read again.  We’re not going to watch the movie until she’s read it. (at least that’s my plan – we might be waiting a while)

I felt it was a bit too Jesusy in parts (and am reminded that my mother objected to it on those grounds as well), but saw in the afterword that fundamentalists had objected to it because of ‘witchcraft,’  but those people are just nuts.  They didn’t like Harry Potter, either.
I rationalize it all as a story of the struggle between Good and Evil, and it’s kind of remarkable how if you drop one letter out of Good, you get God, and this is probably deliberate.  The religion which exists in our collective consciousness, like a malignant fungus, is deeply rooted.
But, it really is a good book, and I hope to see the film soon.

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  1. DW

    Also drop the d from devil and you get evil. The films we get here every year are “Les Bronzés font du Ski” et ” “Le Pêre Noël est Un Ordure”. Both really funny the first time, even the 2nd or 3rd, but after 28 christmases in Switzerland they’re getting pretty old.

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