The Quest for Enlightenment and Stuff

2019 started with a major personal win.  My next book  of poetry is finished and has been sent to Create Space for approval, which is pretty  much automatic, so I should be able to announce in a couple of days that it’s available on Amazon and Kindle.
So, The Quest for Enlightenment and Stuff will join Poems from Prague, The Guru Kalehuru and Other Poems, The Alchemist’s Notebook, Four Syllables on Water, Tarot Poems, 155 Sonnets, Pink Snow, The This of the That, The Meaning of Life in Easy English, Uncle Willie’s Very Silly Animal Poems, Geology, Wild Pigs of Fukushima, and Paradox in my continuously growing books of poetry that nobody reads.
Whatever, I think they’re all good, and hope that someday they are discovered by a wider audience.  If anybody is reading this  blog and would like to check them out for free, all you have to do is click on the box that says ‘Poetry’ which is right next to the box that says ‘Home’, and they’re all there.  Or will  be, sometimes I get a book or two behind.
I hope it’s a sign that the rest of the year will be similarly productive.  Another book  of poetry or two, although none have even been started, maybe a novel which is my New Year’s resolution every year and never happens (‘Lose Weight is another), and I definitely plan to put together a collection of favorite blog posts but that is turning out to be more tedious work than I thought it would be.  I’ve been writing a blog a day for 9 years and as I read back through them, there is an amazing consistency.  Few stand out as horrible.  Few stand out as great.
O.K., I’ve hit my 250 words for today.  Good night, world.

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