Rheets 2018

It was a fairly accomplished day in a couple of mundane ways.   I got several  chapters  of a translation done.  That is, a proofreading.  My  wife has already done the translation.  Still, it’s a bit of work.  My wife speaks impeccable English, but it still winds up as a page of squiggly marks  by the time I’m done.
I also got started on my Rheets: 2018 book.  Now, I do one of  these a year, and they are listed for  sale on Kindle along with my other poetry books, but I  wouldn’t recommend them.  In fact, I should  probably  withdraw them, because it’s more of a writing project than a serious attempt at poetry.  What it is, is every day  after I finish writing this blog, I go over to Twitter and write a  two  line poem on  whatever the blog is about, and link to it.  At the end of the year, I’ve got 365 two line poems (more or less, in the course of a year I may miss a night or two) and they sort of serve  as a time capsule of  the year.  So, today I moved all of 2018’s rhyming tweets (hence Rheets.   The first year I did this I  called them Twoems but since nobody at all was reading them, I changed the name, which,  it turns  out, was not the reason nobody was reading them, but Rheets has stuck) over to a separate  word file.  There’s still  a lot of formatting to do, an introduction to  write, and a cover to design, but I’m farther along than I have ever been on  January 2nd.

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