A Rose is a Rose is a Rose x 25,000

Nobody seems to know exactly how much money Nancy Pelosi has.  When I googled Nancy Pelosi net worth, I saw estimates ranging from $29 million to over $100 million.  But, it’s a lot.  Her and her husband own a vineyard in Northern California, as well as a million dollar home in San Francisco, and I doubt she’s living in squalor in D.C., either.
As a politician, some people (DNC loyalists) love her, and some people (progressives) hate her.  The DailyKos, an internet forum which  was once thought of as  liberal, apparently  just loves the shit out of her.  They just spent  $85,000 (which they got their readers to donate) to send Nancy Pelosi 25,000 red roses.  Now, I’m not up  on rose prices, but that’s over 3 dollars a rose, and I imagine they could have negotiated a better bulk rate, but that’s not the point.  If you wanted to say how much you love her, or thanks for something specific, a dozen roses is enough.  Anything more is comical excess.
Also, it comes at a time when a lot of Federal workers are not getting paid, and some of them may lose their homes.  As someone else pointed out, there are homeless people living within a short walk of Nancy’s office, on the streets which can’t be pleasant in this weather.  $85,000 might have helped them a lot.
They say that there is a language of flowers, and of course that’s true.  Every gesture you make has some meaning.  And the meaning of these flowers is, quite simply, “Fuck the poor.”

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