We started a diet today, my wife and I.  I don’t know all the details, she’s got a whole schedule written out, every day of the week.  I’ve never actually dieted like this before.  Oh, I’ve made vague resolutions – to cut back on the sweets, to eat more vegetables – but, when you’re not specific, it’s easy to backslide.
This diet doesn’t seem to be too fanatical, so I should be able to live with it.  Breakfast was muesli with yoghurt and strawberries, which wasn’t terribly filling but it was delicious.  Lunch was a bit of skinless chicken and a portion of corn  and peas.  I cheated a bit and had an afternoon  snack.  I was hungry  and I’m not going to go  nuts with this.  Dinner was a vegetable salad.
I’m sure it sounds like  I’m slacking off already, but, for me, today was a huge  reduction in my calory intake, and I’m sure if  I can  keep it up for a while, I’ll lose weight.  The problem will be keeping it up forever because there’s the whole  thing of gaining weight  massively whenever you  go  off a diet, because you’re body, your fat body, defends itself.
On the positive side,  maybe  since we’re doing it together, there will  be  enough mutual reinforcement to keep  it up.
My copies of “The Quest for Enlightenment and Everything” showed up today, so I  went over to Shakespeare and Sons, which was a lovely walk through Prague, I  took the Metro to Narodni Trida and walked from there, across the river, through Kampa Island, and it was a beautiful day, not beautiful  in  the sense of pleasant, it was bitterly  cold, but beautiful in a stark, wintry way, and the river was high and rushing over the weir.
Dropped off my books, but of the ones they already have in stock, they’ve only sold one in the last 6 months or so, since I was there last.  One is better than none, I  guess.

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