More Thoughts on the Tulsi Candidacy

…and you can expect this to be a common theme over the next two years.  Even though the shitstorm that greeted her announcement has been shocking and awesome, a firehose of flaming horseshit, a tsunami of negativity, she will be a major force to contend with, and I’m predicting right now that she’ll be the next president of the United States.
As a friend of mine put it today “If she can weather this, she will be absolutely invulnerable.”  And weather it she will.
Of course, we all get our information from different sources, so it’s possible I’m not seeing the same reality as some other people.  I belong to a couple of Bernie groups, a couple of Tulsi groups, one group that calls itself The Progressive Party, and one group which calls itself Alliance Against the Democratic Party’s Hypocrisy, or something like that.  So, when I see the criticisms of Tulsi, I also see the rebuttals happening pretty much instantly.  There are plenty of voters who are a lot less involved, who get their news from CNN or Fox, who are seeing all the smears against her, and none of the counter-points.  Still, we’ve got two years to set them straight, some of the charges might actually work in her favor, and as long as she’s in until the debates, she will come out of them as strong as hardened steel.
Take the charge that she is homophobic.  Anybody who follows her knows it’s complete bullshit, most people in the gay community seem to be very supportive of her, and the disconnected voter is probably not that interested in the issue, so that won’t sway them one way or another.  The charge that she is too close with Prime Minister Modi of India is easily debunked, so people in the know know it’s no big deal.  People who are getting their news from main stream media are probably scratching their heads and saying “Who is Modi and why should anybody care?”  The charge that she is pro-Israel has been balanced by the simultaneous and equally hysterical charges that she is anti-Israel.
So, I think she’s going to come through it just fine.  They have already hit her with their best shot, and all they’ve done is to increase her name recognition.

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