1000 Hamberders

Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House.  Because of the Shutdown I  served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamberders etc.  Within one hour, it was all gone.  Great guys and big eaters.  – Donald J. Trump, president of the United States

It is traditional, of course, to entertain championship sports teams at the White House, although I don’t know  why.  It’s not as if  they  are astronauts, or  scientists, or have done something to advance society.  Still, all  presidents do it.  That’s not  the problem.
A lot of people are focusing on the president’s ridiculous misspelling of hamburger.  As one person pointed out, it is actually a difficult mistake to make.  Hamberder gets a red line under it and auto correct will correct it.  Still, plenty of people will defend him, saying “It’s just a typo.”  I’m not buying it.  The d for a g is a likely typo, they are not too far apart on the keyboard.  An e for a  u is a bit less believable.  I’m pretty sure he  was actually trying for  hamberger.
But there is so much more  wrong  with this tweet, and this situation.  One of the players was overheard to say that at first they thought it was a joke.  You don’t really expect to be served fast food at the White House.  It’s not like they planned a casual atmosphere.  They still  used  the fancy plates and stuff.  It all just looked a bit ridiculous.
Then  he says “because of the shutdown” while neglecting to add “which I caused.”  It’s not  like he’s a victim in this situation.  I’m sure he and his family are still  eating.
There’s the 1000 burgers lie (it was about 300) which was absurd and unnecessary.
Then he insists on pointing  out that he paid (which I  doubt, but for arguments sake let’s assume that he did.)  He’s a billionaire.  Are we expected to be impressed that he splashed out for a few hundred burgers  and some pizzas?
Also, it does not compensate  the government for  all the times he’s charged the secret service for their rooms at Mar-A-Lago, where I’m sure people  weren’t eating hamberders.
The tweet (and the whole situation) show the president to  be classless, illiterate, dishonest, and sort of offensive.  Nothing we didn’t already know.

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