Leading With Love

I have been a huge fan of Tulsi Gabbard ever since she resigned as vice-chairman of the DNC.  I thought, this is a person with rare political courage.  Also, since she was on board with Bernie, you could see she was for most of the things I’m for, and against most of the things I’m against.
But there was one little personal quirk, or so  I  read it at the time, that bothered me.  It was the way she was constantly bringing up ‘Aloha’ and it struck me as a little bit off, a little bit soft, and airy, and other words you  don’t want associated with your campaign.
I must say, I enjoyed it maybe more than  what it was worth when she tweeted “Being Saudi Arabia’s bitch is not Making America Great Again.”  I thought, aha, now she’s catching fire.
Well, I was just watching a video  of her, from a while back, before she’d announced, certainly, and she was doing her standard explanation of what aloha  really means and I suddenly realized: she totally means it.  She’s not just joking around with her Lead With Love slogan.  This is more than a buzzword, more than a slogan.  This is a powerful statement, this is a defining message, this is why she’s running, and it’s revolutionary.
Imagine a society where the leaders actually lead with love.  Universal Health Care is obvious.  If you love people, you want to take care of them and not let them die.  You want to preserve the Earth so that people younger than ourselves can have a future.  If we had leaders that truly believed in, and practiced, love and respect for all the world’s peoples, what today is  settled by war might be settled by a couple of phone calls, in a way that benefits everybody.
She is strong, and obviously well-informed, on the issues.  But I’ve never heard a politician stressing quite so much that  everybody should just be a little bit nicer to each other.  It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s a powerful thing.

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