Punks v. Old Indian Dude

I am using the word punks in the old 50s and 60s use of the word, somebody with a loud mouth that couldn’t back it up, somebody who thought  they were a big shot, but they were a scared, little wimp inside and everyone knew it.  That kind of punk.  I mean no  disrespect to fans of the Ramones and anybody who’s ever sported spiky hair.
So, the punks in the news today are a bunch of kids wearing MAGA hats from a Catholic High School in Kentucky, confronting an elderly native American man who  was banging a drum and chanting.  Most of them were shouting and jeering, lots of them were laughing, a few of them were taking photos, and one extremely  creepy  dude was right in the old man’s  face, just staring creepily, the way  creeps do.
Certainly, they are horrible kids, their parents (who  are  undoubtedly smug, rich racists their own selves) should be deeply  ashamed.  Oh, how do  I know they were racists, you  ask?  As I said, they were wearing MAGA hats.  I’m tired of saying “Not all  Trump  supporters are racist.”  Hell they ain’t.
They should probably be expelled  from  the school, especially  creepy dude, he should probably also be followed around for  a while and maybe have a few sessions with the school shrink.  He looks like the type who  kidnaps and abuses animals.  Of course, I don’t  know the  boy personally, so I’m not making any allegations, he just looks like that.  You know, creepy.
But, I doubt they  would be.  There were probably about 15-20 kids involved.  At $10,000 a year tuition, the school  would be out $200,000 for  the year.  I’d be happy if they at least expelled creepy dude, though.  He should have that on  his record.

I don’t expect it, though.  There wasn’t actually any legal infraction.  They were being rude and abusive to an old man, but it was at a  political rally  where many  sides were involved, some confrontations are almost inevitable.  And, to a large extent, most of them were just acting the way uninformed, immature, high school  boys with a pack mentality always  act.  They follow the  worst among them and they all feed off each other. It’s not a new thing.  It’s just that now everything gets  filmed.  So, it can be remembered forever.
Yes, these kids behaved badly.  But, this incident will  fade from the public view in a couple of days, and maybe that’s even  a good thing.

Some of them may still  grow up  to  be  good  kids.

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