Scientists Discover … January 21, 2019

Well, I don’t feel like writing about politics tonight, and not too much of significance is happening in my personal life, so I’m stuck for a topic.  There’s a little trick I did a couple of  weeks  ago, or maybe it was a couple  of months ago, to  find a topic and to reconvince myself that the human race isn’t doomed, irrevocably committed  to a path of self-destruction.  I go to Google, type in ‘scientists discover’ and set the filter  to ‘last  24 hours, and bingo.  There are things happening that will  change the world.  Unfortunately, the first 3 articles to pop up tonight weren’t universally optimistic, but it’s still educational  and fun.
Scientists discover new architecture in corn… well, there are positive and negative points to GMO products, so I went to the article with a bit of trepidation.  They were mostly talking about corn for making ethanol, which may  be a boon to mid-western farmers, but  it isn’t much better for the environment than regular oil.  We need to be converting to solar and wind and electric cars and high speed trains, not to  fucking ethanol.  Still, it’s an increase in our overall scientific knowledge, and it may yield some positive  benefits.
The next article was Scientists discover hidden blood networks  that cross through bone.  Cool.  You would have thought we’d have had the  body  pretty well mapped out by now, as doctors have been cutting  open bodies for thousands of years, but apparently we’re still  learning stuff.  I’m not clear about the  applications on this (maybe a cure for bone cancer?) but the more we learn about our bodies the  better.  I feel sure  this  research will  save lives, somehow, at some point in the future.
The third story was Scientists discover freaky fish thriving in waters we thought were deadly to life.  I thought they were  going to be talking about extremophiles near ocean-bottom vents, but no, they are talking about de-oxygenated zones, and they’ve actually  found some fish that can live there.  Now, this one is some scary shit, because human beings sure as hell can’t live without oxygen, and the water is not that far from the land, they even touch  at points.   We may not extinguish all life on  Earth in the next  12 years… just any species that breathes oxygen.
And monsters will inherit  the Earth.


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