A Tactical Suggestion

One of the difficulties of Tulsi’s campaign, and one of its greatest strengths, is the lack of big donor funding.  This was true of the Sanders campaign as well.  On the one hand, it gives her, uncontested, the moral high ground.  On the other hand, it means pretty much every other candidate will have more money to spend on advertising.  Sanders, almost miraculously, raised enough to stay in  the race all on small donations.  I don’t know if people are going to dig as deep for Gabbard.  I hope so, but I  don’t know so.
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made a good point the other day.  She said that we (i.e. new, progressive candidates) need to get around the issue of money by out organizing the opposition.
Another hurdle Tulsi will have to get over is that the mainstream media is collectively making an effort to ignore or dismiss her.  They’re going to continue doing that, like with Bernie, long, long past the point where it  is believable.
Here’s my suggestion for getting around that: biopic  They’ve got about a year to put it together, her husband’s a cinematographer, a lot of the footage for the recent stuff, the last 20 minutes or so of the film, already exists, that’s like a campaign montage, with lots of volunteers, and the earlier parts of the film…well, she’s lived  an interesting life.  There are exotic locations (definitely should be some Hawaiian surfing scenes) galore, her environmental activism, her triumph as youngest person ever elected to the Hawaii Senate, her time in Iraq, etc… I reckon about 90 minutes.  Not too much narration, definitely should be a story rather than a documentary.  People love a good story.

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