Tulsi and other Topics

I’m sorry that Petra Kvitova didn’t win the Australian open because she’s Czech and she’s awesome, but I’m happy for Naomi Osaka, she deserves this, a clean win, after the fans acted like  such assholes to her when she beat Serena a while back in the American open.

There was an explosion at a port in Venezuela  today.  Not too  much news on it yet.  Could be CIA, I suppose, but at this point it could  also be an accidental explosion.  That does happen sometimes in places where there’s lots of oil.  So,  it doesn’t fit into the Maduro v. USA narrative yet, but it is evidence that we should  switch to solar and wind  as soon as possible.

Tulsi Gabbard has come out with her 2nd campaign ad and I think it’s a thing of beauty.  But, of course I would, since I am already a fan.  If you’re still rooting for  somebody else, maybe take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0dKdg0lACE

You can fast forward through Nico House blithering on.  I  like the guy, he’s on the right  side, but he’s not the story.  Nico House, although he’s a commentator and not a comic, reminds me a bit of Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp.  I respect them all, and generally  agree with them, but their humor, their basic joke, is throwing up their hands and saying “Can you believe how crazy these people are?”  It’s true, but it’s a bit redundant.

Anyway,  back to the ad.  If the pattern I’ve seen so far (in two ads, so maybe it isn’t actually a pattern, but I hope it is) holds true, it is one issue, one ad.  The first one was about how we need to have peace and not  war, and this one was about how we need to get over the religious thing, because not everybody  is a Christian.
If she keeps up with that, she gives her fans something easy to link to when we are defending her against the flaming firehose of horseshit, which they apparently plan to keep hooked up to the magical horseshit tank that never goes empty.  She also develops a library of videos that can  be watched  again and  again, in which her policies are clearly spelled out, and when the narrator at the debates asks her a dumb question,  which they will, she’ll be able to say, “Well, Tucker, as you  have already heard  me say ….”  Again and again.
It’ll be cool.

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