Creative Campaigning

The thing about refusing PAC and corporate donations, the problem with it, is that it puts the candidate at a financial disadvantage.  It gives you the moral high ground, but if moral high ground were enough to win elections, the Earth wouldn’t be in the predicament it’s in.  But, that’s where we are with Tulsi Gabbard, and I prefer that position to any other.
Of course, Bernie Sanders was quite successful with his $27 donations, but he didn’t win and a lot of people felt tapped out.  Hard to say if the spigot is going to be as open this time around.  Also, when you think about it, they will always be able to outspend us.  Bernie raised a lot, but he was still outspent.  The corporate owned candidates have limitless funding.  The corporations could easily spend way more than they are.  And they will, when they are seriously threatened.
But, we have another thing going for us besides money.  We have the internet, and an army of people who know how to use it. (I don’t count myself in that number.  I just write a blog that nobody reads.)  Anyway, I saw an awesome ad for Tulsi today.  The cool thing about it was, it wasn’t an official Tulsi ad.  Just some guy, on his home computer, who is reasonably competent at editing video.  The story takes place during the final battle in The Lord of the Rings, when all of the armies are massed at the edge of Mordor.  Of course, the Elves and Dwarves, etc… are labeled progressive, and the Orcs and other bad guys are labeled conservatives, and special interests, and corporate media.  It was awesome.  I doubt even that anybody can get sued over it since it’s not an official campaign video, just some guy exercising his right of free speech with a bit of film that’s so very well known it has become part of the public consciousness.
Of course, Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren could have fans that make ads for them, but they could never pull this off.  Why?  Because, when you’re talking about an epic, heroic battle of good vs. evil, they would look ridiculous.  They are just not  that  good.

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