The Effect of a ‘Town Hall’

I must say, I have been surprised many times over the past few years at how deeply corporate interests are embedded in American politics, and how fiercely they will fight to keep their power.  The cheating of Bernie Sanders, apparently, was only the beginning.
When Tulsi Gabbard, as I’d been hoping, announced her candidacy, she  was hit with an absolute torrent of abuse, slander, and flaming bullshit.  It was Modi, Modi, Modi all day long.  People who’d never heard of Modi before were screaming “She met with Modi!”  I didn’t really get it.   Most Americans, when they think of India, think of Indian food and films like Slum Dog Millionaire and  The Hotel  Marigold.  Who  hates India?  Why was it supposed to be a bad thing that she met with their Prime Minister?
Then Kamala Harris announced her candidacy and CNN offered her a Town Hall, right off the bat.  Not too surprising, the establishment loves her, they’ve been talking about  her as a candidate ever since she entered the Senate, a mere two years ago.  I was a bit surprised when I found out that TimeWarner, who own CNN, was also the largest contributor to her campaign, although I probably  shouldn’t have been.
What really surprised me was how well that worked out for her.  The last couple of days I’ve been hearing from lots of people  on my Facebook  page about how much they like Kamala Harris, how she ‘hit it out of the park,’ etc…  I’m sure these are well-intentioned people.  I am surprised that  all it takes is to say “I’m for Medicare for All” and “I’m for a  Green  New Deal” and people say “Great!”  (She’s already walking back the Medicare for All statement), without even  looking into her record.
How she refused to prosecute Steve Mnuchin, when he was head of Wells Fargo, merrily cheating people  out of their homes with illegal  foreclosures.  Steve Mnuchin, of course, is now Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury.  He was also a large  contributor to Harris’ election campaign.  How she supports the death penalty  and 3 strike laws.  How she worked to keep people in jail, even though there was evidence they were falsely  accused, in fact, evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.  How she  is against police  wearing  body  cameras.  That one really  throws me.  There is no reason for the  police not  to wear body  cams, unless they are planning on beating people  up and killing them.  In short, how she’s an awful human  being.
But, one  town hall meeting and a bit of positive  framing and all that goes away.

We are in  for an uphill fight.  It’s even a steeper hill than I thought it would be.  But, we have the truth on our side.  We just have to keep repeating it.


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