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At first glance, the proposal to make Election day a federal holiday looks to me like a gimmick – a nice little vote-getter, because who can object to a holiday?  I’m willing to support it, because there’s no reason to be against it, but I don’t think it really gets to the heart of the issue, which is that our elections are controlled by big donors from the get go and by the time John Q. Public marches into the voting booth, there is no one to vote for who isn’t a tool of the plutocracy.
But, Mitch McConnell’s protestations that it would give the Democrats more power makes me like it a little bit more.  Anything that screws up the Republicans.
Here are some other proposals which would screw up the Republicans, by making Democracy more Democratic.
Replace the electoral college with one person-one vote.  This  is never going to happen because all  the people screaming about it currently are only screaming because their candidate lost.  Also because it’s in the Constitution, and it’s in  there for a reason.  The smaller, less influential states (at the time of the constitution, that was places like South Carolina and Georgia.  Today it includes a lot of places like Wyoming and Alaska) didn’t want to join a union that was clearly going to be dominated by rich people in Boston and New York.  There’s a logic to it, that still holds today.  Also, it’s never going to happen because small states have overwhelming control of the Senate, and nobody ever votes to give away their own power.
Design voting districts by computer algorithm.  End gerrymandering.  This might benefit one party, then the other, as demographics shift, but it would  be fair.
Statehood for D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam.  This would be a big change, maybe bringing 6 new Democrats into the Senate, and forcing a redesing of the flag to cram  3 new stars in, but I think it would be a great thing.  Also, a U.S. state where the majority language is Spanish = awesome.
I don’t see any of these having a  chance of passing, but if Mitch McConnell objects to Election Day being a federal holiday, by all means let’s make it a federal holiday.  I vote yes.

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