Green New Deal Preview

Well, we’ve got a glimpse now of what a Green  New Deal will look like, at least what  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would like it  to look  like, and it’s kind of  an  awesome vision.
She wants to eliminate waste from agriculture, by  the  expedient of  creating shit-tons of  small  farms, environmentally correct farms, with a negative carbon footprint (that is a positive thing), growing organic vegetables  and such.
I think it’s brilliant because it not  only helps improve air quality, making it a very  Green idea, indeed, but it also puts a lot  of fresh vegetables on the market, thus fighting in the war against obesity, and it could pretty much totally  eliminate joblessness, and homelessness.  To repeat: it is good for the environment, could end homelessness and bring unemployment down  to as near 0% as possible, and will fight obesity.  So much winning.
I totally agree with the program, and can even agree with an emphasis on that, but I  think it needs to be part of a multi-pronged push.  We also need to  clean up industrial waste, by transferring the energy grid to solar and wind power, and away from coal, and nuclear.
We also need to reduce traffic emissions by having  electric  cars, and magnetic levitation, or hyperloop trains, and more bike paths.

And, whatever else we do, we need  to plant a few trillion more trees.  But I do like the healthy farms idea.

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  1. Beverly Dahlen

    Green new deal is a very good idea indeed.  And if we all had a garden somewhere (community garden, backyard garden, garden on a roof or a deck) it would help.  There is nothing like a homegrown tomato, a carrot you pull out of the ground yourself, & the list is endless.  It depends on where you live.  I am old enough to remember the victory gardens of WW2.  It’s a good thing to get your hands dirty:  grown some vegetables and grow some flowers too for the beauty of it.

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