MSM v. Us

I love Tulsi Gabbard.  She talks calmly and rationally about the issues and, of course, is for most of the same issues I am.  Definitely on the big ones.
On most issues she is, like me, right in line with Bernie Sanders.  Medicare for All, of course, one of his signature issues, and a Green New Deal, which Bernie just called ‘transitioning to a green economy,’ so we can all thank Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for that new, and much catchier name.  Tulsi cares enough about ending private prisons and legalizing marijuana that she mentioned them in her official campaign launching speech.  That certainly differentiates her from Kamala Harris, who just loves private  prisons to bits.

But recently I’ve caught a whiff of frustration, from within camp Tulsi, about a couple of ways in which she’s different than Bernie.  When Bernie speaks, it’s white hot, you can feel the rage.  So he gets loud cheers and draws big crowds.  Also, Bernie was the first to really take on the corporations, the first to talk about a higher minimum wage and Medicare for All.  It was electrifying.

Tulsi is for all those things,  too. But, she’s a different kind of speaker, a different type of personality.  Bernie was a barn-burner, a hell raiser of a speaker.  Inspiring to listen to.
Tulsi is soft spoken.  She is easy to listen to.  I think the strategy for her is to get on TV and radio as much as she can . I know the MSM is blocking her.  If she has to keep going on Tucker Carlson, or do interviews with the morning news and weather radio stations from Dog Patch all the way to Hooterville, then that’s what she has to do.  Also, constant social media spots.  Just get them out there, we’ll share them.
This election may be the tipping point.  This may be the year that social media finally, totally supplants the old, bullshit, corrupt media.

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