She is Not on Our Team

This is the kind of thing that used to end people’s political careers.  I think we should go back to that.  To be clear, I’m talking about Nancy Pelosi’s career, and not Wendell Primus’.  Wendell Primus is just an ‘advisor’ so if Nancy gets primaried in 2020, he’ll just go be an advisor to somebody else.
Here’s what happened (according to the Intercept, but there was a great amount of detail to the story, and it hasn’t been denied):  Wendell Primus, who is Nancy Pelosi’s advisor when it comes to health care, recently had a meeting with some executives from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and told them (here I’m paraphrasing) “Don’t worry, guys.  We have no intention of actually passing Medicare for All.”
Now, Medicare for All is a very popular idea with the American people.  Over 70% support it.  Among Democrats, I believe it’s over 80%.  Among supporters of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard, it’s 100%, at least, and would be higher if that were even mathematically possible.
Pretty much the only people in America who oppose it are that stubborn 30% who believe that Noah’s Ark was a real thing, and insurance company executives.  And, apparently, Nancy Pelosi.
There are two reasons why I imagine she’s against it:  First, it was Bernie Sanders’ idea.  Not that universal, single payer health care is Bernie Sanders’ idea.  There are some countries that have had it for over a hundred years now, which is a bit longer than Bernie has been alive.  Just the incredibly simple expedient of taking a program which already works for the elderly, and lowering the age limit to 18 (because people under that can still be on their parents’ programs), and bypassing a lot of the problems of bureaucracy and a complicated rollout.
Second, and by far the more important reason, is that if they pass Medicare for All, they will stop receiving donations from the insurance industry.  That’s how corrupt the U.S. government is.  They would rather let people die, literally, than give up their juicy campaign contributions.
This really should be the end of Nancy Pelosi’s career.  In a sane world, it would be.  But, I’m not holding my breath.

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