Nancy’s “Sarcastic” Clap

First, a correction.  In my blog a couple of days ago I incorrectly identified Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia, who’s in a bit of hot water because some old photos of him in blackface have surfaced, as a Republican.  He is, in fact, a Democrat.

A lot of people are talking about the State of the Union speech, and most of them are more qualified than me to comment, especially if they actually watched it, which I didn’t.  I hear he talked, proudly, about ‘abolishing civil rights.’  I’m guessing that’s more because he doesn’t understand the term civil rights than anything else.
The one thing I want to bring up about the speech is one thing that I think is being misreported almost everywhere.  That is Nancy Pelosi’s ‘sarcastic’ clap.  Everybody’s talking about it and most of what you see are still photos.  I saw a bit longer clip, a 5 second video and, when I went back to look for it so I could link to it in this blog, I couldn’t find it on Google, even when I specified videos.  Just the stills.  So, I went to YouTube and watched a slightly longer video with several reactions to the speech.  (Not one of which included Tulsi Gabbard.  As they panned the crowd, the news people must have been deliberately avoiding her.)
Two seconds before the famous ‘sarcastic clap’ Nancy Pelosi STOOD UP.  There was nothing sarcastic about that clap at all.  It came after a Trump statement about bi-partisanship and Nancy Pelosi was standing and clapping, warmly and enthusiastically.
This, just a couple of days after one of her top advisors was busted telling insurance company execs that Pelosi had no intention of letting Medicaid for All pass and even more recently after she referred to the Green New Deal as ‘the Green Dream or whatever.’  Now, that’s sarcasm.

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