Green Dimension

I read an interesting article today, in a break between frenetically reading and responding to headlines, as I am wont to do, about the things people say when they are dying, not just famous last words, which can be entertaining but it’s like with anything else.  The vast majority of people’s last words are probably rather mundane, like “I don’t feel so well,” or “What the fuck was tha…” or the ever famous “Oh, shit.”  There are only so many Oscar Wildes in the world, so it gets boring after a while.
No, this was more one woman who recorded her father’s steadily progressing dementia until his death, in a scientific study of cognition.  One of the phrases (meaningless phrases, I believe she said) that he blurted out with occasionally and inexplicably, was “Green dimension!  Green dimension!”  Could mean many different things I suppose.  Perhaps he was misremembering the name of a band, or two.  Maybe he was saying ‘dementia’ instead of dimension, and he was trying to say “I know I’ve got dementia, do you have to record everything I say?”  Perhaps he was making a poetic statement about how much he’s always loved the outdoors in the spring or summer.
But perhaps, just perhaps, he had had a glimpse of another dimension, perhaps an afterlife to ours, or a parallel universe.  If so, is it called the Green Dimension because it’s environmentally perfect, the water in all the streams is drinkable, the air is so clean you could get high just breathing it, and the birds are singing in the trees which are everywhere, or just because everything, like people even, is green.
If so, we may never know.

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