The Green Fantasy

I seem to be seeing a lot of right wing and provocateur trolls on Facebook lately.  I suspect somebody’s paying them, because I don’t think I’ve significantly changed my friend’s list lately, and I suspect that the number of right wingers v. the number of left-wingers actually tends to remain constant, even across nations.  About 25% of the people are going to identify with the right, 25% are going to identify with the left, and 50% of the people aren’t going to have any political identification at all.  They might identify themselves as teachers, or heavy metal fans, or alcoholics, or gardeners, or cat lovers, or anything at all, really.
Anyway, in a discussion of Nancy Pelosi’s snippety little “Green Dream or whatever” comment, this gonzo bonehead pipes up and says “Well, Pelosi is right.  It is only a fantasy.”

That pissed me off.  Only a fantasy.  Every good idea is only a fantasy until somebody has the gumption to make it a reality.
But, also, fantasy is obviously from the same linguistic root as fantastic.  Do we want a society which is fantastic?  Damn straight we do.
I have a fantasy of a world in which all of the power the world needs is generated by solar panels and windmills, taking the power that is freely given to us by the universe, which is our natural birthright, and using it to power human civilization in perpetuity.  Cars will be electric and every gas station will become a recharging station, and maybe they can upgrade their restaurants a little bit while they’re at it.  In my fantasy large swathes of the planet are covered in forests, and orchards, and most city streets are shady, tree lined lanes, romantic places for young couples to go walking.  In my fantasy there are urban gardens, every high school should have one, and there are buildings and even community with so many plants growing in them, and on them, and from them that their carbon footprint is negative.  There are high speed trains powered by magnetic levitation, or maybe running in vacuum tubes.  Pesticides have been banned, and the bees, and monarch butterflies, are making comebacks.  There is food for all in abundance.  There are public drinking fountains everywhere.
It is a very nice fantasy.  It would be fantastic.  And we have the technology.

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