What Will Bernie Do?

There’s a lot of buzz lately that Bernie is set to announce his candidacy, which would shake things up for sure, but I’m not sure in a good way.
I’m a huge fan of Bernie, of course, but I don’t want him to run.  I think that he should throw his weight behind Tulsi Gabbard.  She is the obvious person to pass the torch to.  She is someone the Democratic establishment is afraid of, because they are trying to shut her out already.  AIPAC also hates her, so she’s got all the right enemies.  She is for all the same economic justice causes that Bernie is for, she is Green, perhaps even greener than he is, and she’s got the whole anti-war thing going on.  Like Bernie, she appeals to independents, and even some conservatives like her.  If she gets the nomination, she will win easily.
And I think if he does run, that sets up a split among progressive voters, which would make it much easier for the DNC to slide one of their total shitbag candidates – most likely Kamala “private prisons” Harris – into the slot, so they can lose to Trump again. Which means things will continue as they are, and the checks from the oil companies can keep rolling in, and Nancy Pelosi will remain as ineffective House Speaker until long after she’s dead, cackling away like the crypt-keeper in Tales From the Crypt.
But, a lot of people see it differently.  Some think that having two progressive candidates in the race would be good for the progressive side, that with both Bernie and Tulsi running, between them they will pull the whole field to the left and one of them will get the nomination.
My track record on political predictions is well under 100%, and I can’t read Bernie Sanders mind.  I’m confident he will do what he sees as right, and most effective.  I’m hoping he endorses Tulsi, though.

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