Bernie’s In

I’ve got mixed feelings about Bernie’s announcement.  Of course, he’s great, and I was a Bernie supporter before I was a Tulsi supporter.  But, I’m afraid it’s bad strategy.  Admittedly, I was hoping he’d stay out and throw his support to Tulsi, which I think would have made her unbeatable.  But also, I think it’s bad strategy.  If the DNC manages to cheat again, and you can be darned sure they are going to try, then we will have nobody left on the outside to mount a credible 3rd party run.

Damn, though, I’d forgotten a bit about what a powerful speaker he is.  That announcement speech was hot stuff.  It was a shot across the bow of the bourgeosie, it was a throwing down of the gauntlet, it was a declaration of class war.  In short, it was fucking awesome.
The part about 1 million volunteers was kind of a bold gamble, or would have been except, I suspect, he already has them.  Depends on how you count, a bit, I suppose.  If you just mean people who follow him on twitter and Facebook, it’s a soft number.  If it’s people who are willing to go door to door for him, well, he might have that to.  He raised over a million bucks in small donations within a couple hours of his speech.

On the issues, there’s not much ground between them.  Bernie is a bit more laser-focused on economic issues, Tulsi was a lot quicker on the ball when it came time to speak up against the bullshit attempted coup in Venezuela , but they are close enough that all of Tulsi’s supporters like Bernie, too, and vice versa.

So, welcome to the race, Bernie.

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