A Few Things That Don’t Make Sense About Venezuela

First of all, it’s not a coup.  A coup is internal.  The coup failed when Aguaido announced that he was president and nothing happened.  Maduro continued in office, the military did not revolt, all the radio and TV stations remained in the same hands.  I don’t know what he was expecting.
If the U.S. actually invades now, that will not be a coup.  That will be an invasion.

Second, I’m not sure exactly what people mean when they say Maduro’s election was fraudulent.  Were thousands of people who were registered to vote suddenly stripped from the rolls ?(Brooklyn)  Were the numbers of polling places reduced and their hours shortened?  (Arizona, upstate New York)  Were vote counters spotted whiting out some of the ballots? (California)  Were the televised vote counts flipped so the outsider candidate suddenly had fewer votes than they’d had a few seconds before? (Delaware)  Did the international election inspectors say it was fraudulent?  Actually, they said it was better than most.
Third, the ‘starvation’ story.  We see a fair bit of footage from Venezuela.  Demonstrations with thousands and thousands of people, both pro and anti-Maduro.  People crossing the border into Colombia.  People talking to foreign reporters.  I haven’t actually seen any people with their rib cages showing.  It could be the grocery stores run out of something once in a while, but it’s certainly not like Yemen.

And, most recently, there’s this ‘aid’ story.  What kind of sense does it make to impose sanctions on a country, attempting to deliberately wreck their economy, and then send in aid?  You could just lift the sanctions, let them trade normally (it’s a fairly wealthy country), and it wouldn’t cost a dime.

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