To Be Nice, or Not To Be Nice, That is the Question

Bernie Sanders says he wants his supporters to play nice with the other candidates, and I guess with the supporters of other candidates.  Tulsi Gabbard is basing her whole campaign on Aloha, a sense of mutual respect, and love.

It’s good that they should have this attitude.  In fact, most politicians say stuff like this.  Some live up to it better than others, and those two live up to it exceptionally well.  But, does it have to apply to their supporters?

Of course, there’s no way to enforce that.  It’s not as if you say that “Amy Klobuchar is a crazy woman who eats salad with a comb,” somebody from progressive HQ is going to call you up and say ‘Cut it out!’  You might post a really funny meme about Corey Booker dressed like a hooker and getting dollar bills stuffed in his thong by Big Pharma, you won’t actually have to pay a fine.  No, this is all honor system, and it’s up to the dictates of each individuals ethics, personality, and twisted sense of humor.
But, since they’ve asked nicely, I’ll try.  It will be easier in some cases than others.  Warren, Klobuchar, and Gillibrand I find quite easy to ignore.  I’m not going to refrain from pointing out things I think are objectionable about them, but I’ll try to keep it fair, issue based.
Harris is another issue.  This is a woman who has profited from slave labor.  This is a woman who really does not believe that Black Lives Matter – she wants to let the police turn off their body cameras.  I’ll try not to be to disrespectful to her supporters, but that’s going to be difficult.
We’ll see how things progress.  I’m not making any promises.

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