Good News, Bad News, Good News

A couple of interesting topics in the news today.  Some good news for a change, and some more of the typical bullshit, because that apparently isn’t going away any time soon.
First, some good news:  it looks like Netanyahu is going to be indicted!  Not for war crimes, by the Hague, as I would have liked, but for plain, old fashioned corruption, by Israeli courts.  It’s not going to solve the problem, because whoever replaces him will probably be just as bad, at least as far as murdering Palestinian civilians goes, but it’s something in the plus column and gives us a bit of satisfaction, at least.
In the bad column, the rigging of Bernie’s town hall.  Although Bernie handled the situation well, it turns out that all the questioners were DNC operatives, or at least insiders.  It’s not just an accusation.  It’s what happened.  Some sharp-eyed people, and I’m glad we’ve got a lot of them on our side, spotted it, and a quick internet search showed the truth.  It was all over their Facebook pages and their Linked-In accounts.  Now, I’m sure some of my Democrat Centrist friends will say ‘They didn’t do anything illegal’ and I’m not sure about that, but in any event, it was dishonest as hell, and biased, and absolutely the kind of thing they were guilty of in 2016, and it’s clear proof that they intend to cheat again.  It was dishonest because they didn’t introduce themselves as DNC insiders, it was more “Concerned mother of two” and stuff like that.  The apologists will also say “Well, what does it matter, the questions weren’t that bad.”  That’s because when Bernie answers a question, he does so honestly and directly.  It makes him almost immune to gotcha questions, but the downside is he actually makes the questions sound reasonable.  It was unconscionable, and any Democrat with a conscience should take note.

Third, and this was kind of uplifting.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the questioning of Cohen.  Brava!  Simply amazing.  We’ve all seen it in movies, from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to Legally Blonde II, the scene where the congressman gives a speech and sets everyone straight and everybody suddenly sees the error of their ways and truth and justice prevails.  Well, AOC is doing just that, every time she gets the microphone, except she does it even better than in the movies.  Nobody in congress has done more than her to move impeachment forward, and the nation owes her a debt of gratitude.

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