Political Props

The kids from the Sunrise Movement who presented Dianne Feinstein with a petition to get behind a Green New Deal fried her ass but good.  Not only was she revealed to the world as a heartless old crone who hates children, but her ‘more moderate and achievable’ (i.e. totally fucking meaningless) bill is dead in the water.
People who are defending her – and I’m amazed to find some people on the internet are defending her – have to go to ridiculous lengths to do so.

One comment on my Facebook today was “It’s wrong to use kids as political props.”  Well, there’s a point there.  We object to a Catholic High School busing a bunch of their students to Washington to attend a march against abortion, so they object to us sending a bunch of teenagers to a congresswoman’s office to give her a petition saying “Could you please not destroy the planet and all life on Earth as we know it.”
Personally, I don’t think it’s a really big deal.  Parents teach their kids their religion, their attitudes toward life, and their politics.  The kids will grow up and hopefully form their own view of the world.  The political experience won’t hurt them.  Whether they have the same politics as their parents or not, they’ll have learned how to organize a political demonstration, and how and where to deliver a petition.
But I think the commenter was missing the larger issue.  It’s the children who are going to have to live with the effects of climate  change.  ‘Using kids as political props’ is not nearly as bad as destroying the environment, making it so those children will have to deal with ever greater hurricanes, constant flooding, wildfires, and bad air.  Their children, in turn, will have to deal with the total depletion of some important resources, food shortages, the loss of all coastal cities, and complete societal breakdown.  And then their children will never be born, and the human race will die.
That’s how serious it is.

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