Everything’s Too Much Trouble for Nancy

Nancy Pelosi said today that she doesn’t think it would be “worth it” to impeach President Trump.  This is the second time she has declined to impeach a criminally irresponsible, possibly mentally retarded Republican president.  She also “took impeachment off the table” for George W. Bush.  In hindsight, (although there were plenty of people at the time saying this with foresight) not impeaching Bush sent a signal to the Republican party: You can just keep on lowering the bar, there is no Republican so stupid, so incompetent, so criminal that we will make the effort to impeach them.  Go ahead.  Run the absolute worst candidate you can find.

She says it will ‘divide the country.’  This is total bullshit.  The country is already divided.  It’s rich v. poor, coastal v. flyover, young v. old and, most relevantly, people who seriously want to see Trump impeached v. people who love Trump.
And now we know which of those two sides Nancy Pelosi is on.  Sure, she just got a nice little voter rights bill through the House, with provisions like making election day a national holiday, and banning gerrymandering, but I’d like to see how they’re actually going to enforce that one.  Nothing’s being done to address the crooked machinery of the Democratic leadership, so it’s a bit less impressive.  Also, she’s dismissed the Green New Deal as “the Green Dream or whatever” and she’s not all that keen on Medicare for All.
She is nothing but a 1%er looking out for the interests of the rich.  She is a traitor to the Democratic party.  She is an enemy of progressives.  The good people of San Francisco should seriously start looking for a progressive to challenge her in the next primary.  Just about anybody would be an improvement.

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