Tulsi Gabbard on Stephen Colbert

I’ve been hearing comments all day about what a dick Stephen Colbert was to Tulsi Gabbard, so I decided to watch the clip and check it out.  It’s not long.  Under eight minutes.  I thought I was probably looking at an excerpt, which would have been fine.  It’s late, I want to sleep, and I have a pathetically short attention span.  Half the time I just read a headline and go ahead and fire back with a comment.
But, no, that was the whole thing.  It was like the guest before her went over and they had to rush her segment before they got to the musical number.  That was problem #1.
Then, interrupting her while she was explaining her position on Syria to rephrase his original question.  “Shouldn’t we have a war in Syria?”  “I mean, really, shouldn’t we have a war in Syria?”  It was kind of dickish.  Maybe not as dickish as his “Aloha” comment of a month or two ago, but still dickish.  Then he went for the David Duke and Steve Bannon thing, how they’ve said they admire her.  It wasn’t really a ‘gotcha’ question, any more than the coup in Venezuela was a coup.  It may have been intended as a gotcha question, but Tulsi is a professional, and it was easily batted aside.  “You should ask them.”
I used to really like Stephen Colbert.  In his comedy persona as the over-the-top right wing pundit he was hysterical, and it was even more hysterical that actual right wingers liked it.  Sort of like with Archie Bunker on All in the Family, they didn’t realize they were being mocked.
And the time he hosted the Washington Press Corps Dinner was an absolute work of art.  Now, sadly, he has become like the journalists he criticized so roundly then.  Back to comedy, Stephen.  As a political pundit, you suck ass.

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