College Admissions Scandal

O.K., I don’t think I’ve written about the college admissions scandal as yet, so here are a few of my thoughts on that.

I’m not terribly surprised.  Once you’ve had the revelation that rich people would rather let 90% of the human race die and scar the surface of the planet irrevocably than give regular working folks a share of the pie, nothing is terribly surprising any more.  Once you’ve realized that rich people will gladly start a war, one in which they know tens of thousands of completely innocent civilians will die, just so they can get their hands on the resources lying under their lands, it’s hard to be horrified that rich parents would bribe top schools to get their kids into college.
I’m a bit at a loss to know why they bother.  I suppose it takes them a big bribe to get them into one of the high prestige schools, but you can get them into a perfectly good four year state university just by paying the fee which, admittedly, is an arm and a leg for the working class parent, but peanuts compared to what these families were willing to fork over.
I suppose that for some firms, an Ivy League diploma is what they look for:  lobbying firms, political consultants, probably some legal firms.  Firms which are operating at that Olympian level where who you know is more important than what you know.
If that’s what it’s all about, then this amounts to rich people paying huge bribes to other rich people just so they can stay in the rich people’s club, in perpetuity.
It’s the American version of buying a title.
The solution to the problem is free university for all.  It won’t stop the rich people from offering money to rich people’s colleges, so their moron children won’t have to rub shoulders with the common folk.  What it will do is make a decent college education available for everybody and, if that were the case, nobody’d care too much what the rich kids do.

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