O’Rourkes Big Haul

The rabbit is happily chewing away at straw inside her cage, and everyone else is asleep and I am at a complete loss over what to write about.
Bernie supporters are enraged and calling foul because Beto O’Rourke is claiming to have outdone him in the newly important metric of opening day contributions.  Bernie got 6 million.  Beto got 6.1, and we know he does not have anywhere near the loyal fan base that Bernie does.  So, the rumor floating around was that he paid the DNC money that was left over from his Senate campaign, some 4.5 million smackeroonies, and then they gave it back to him in this hyis hour of need.

But, word has come down the grapevine, the Bern of command, that that’s probably not true and we should shut up about it.  It would have been a lot easier, and a lot less illegal, like not illegal at all, just to have raised that total from some big ‘bundlers,’ which, I’m not 100% certain, means people who hand a candidate huge bundles of cash, and it’s legal.  Hell, the man’s a billionaire on his wife’s side.  5 or 6 of her uncles and cousins could have put up a million apiece and, hey, Bob’s Your Uncle.

To quell our suspicions on that account, he has invoked the old rule of “I don’t have to say where I got my donations from, I just got ’em, O.K.”
But, we certainly should be keeping all of this about policies, and not fretting overly much over what portion of that 6.1 million dollars was not legit, and if not, in what ways was it not legit.
The fact that he doesn’t support Medicare for All should disqualify him right there.

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