Dreams are ruminant thought and, in that, they are similar to what I’m trying to do with my blog.  The hope is that if I spill enough words onto paper, and do it freely and disconnectedly enough, eventually something of worth, something revelatory, something brilliant, will emerge.  Law of statistics, infinite monkeys and typewriters, and so on.
So, last night, once again, which is starting to become a bad habit, I crashed before blogging, and my dreams were very vivid:  there were essentially three scenes which kept repeating.  A pub I was sitting outside of and refusing, because of some strange principle, to go into, a classroom in which I was perpetually arriving late, although there was never more than one or two people there, and I was the teacher although I was usually just sitting at one of the tables, and the deck of the Enterprise, in the series Enterprise, the one with Scott Bakula as Captain Archer, which is very much in the spirit of the original, just a big shoot ’em up in space, and that was the last thing I watched before bed, which is often a big influence in setting the scene for a dream.
Is this a problem of the modern world, or the promise of it?  Is this a feature, or a bug?  Not sure, but of all the thoughts meandering through the mind at any given moment, far more of them are externally generated than was ever before possible.  It sounds not good, but all change is good in a sense, in that infinite monkeys kind of sense, that we are looking for something different that we haven’t found yet.
In the part of the dream where I was sitting outside the pub, a lot of it had to do with whether or not a band was going to arrive, and people kept stopping by and giving me advice on my blog, and on my writing in general.

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