The Yang Wang Thang

There are one issue candidates, and there are candidates who have policies on all the issues, and then there is Andrew Yang.  I guess he just got tired of being known as the UBI candidate, since nobody knows what he’s on about, even though it’s simple.  The government gives everybody free money.  I’m not opposed to it.  I think it should be a really big amount, like everybody gets a million dollars.
Still, somehow the issue has not gained traction.  Sure, his followers have a catchy name. The Yang Gang,  it’s sort of like Bernie Bros but not as original.  He’s had his name in the news, and he sometimes gets 3 or 4% in polls, which is better than a lot of the announced candidates.
So, he’s branching out.  He’s got a new issue, and this is a game changer.  He is anti-circumcision.  Here’s a link to an article about it.
I don’t know.  I think he’s just lost all credibility, and there will be an endless series of dick jokes (Yang rhymes with Wang).  It will be like Anthony Weiner all over again.

But, I have misjudged public opinion before.  What if there is a huge number of people who are rabidly against circumcision (would that make them anti-semitic?)  What if they are as ubiquitous as lovers of cats, and we’d never realized it before because the subject never actually came up.  Could he surge to the nomination on the anti-circumcision vote, the way Trump won his nomination on promises of building a rather ludicrous wall?

Actually, it probably won’t make much of a difference either way.  If Andrew Yang doesn’t want to talk about Medicare for All, and a Green New Deal, and getting money out of politics, then he is running in the wrong year.

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