The Mueller Report

We will never see the Mueller Report, so perhaps it’s a bit presumptuous of me to write about it, but that is true of everybody writing everywhere, and this is something that needs to be discussed.
It’s over, it has been submitted to the Attorney General, and there is no proof that Trump colluded with Russia to help him win the election.  On that score, Trump is completely vindicated, and the people hollering “Collusion!” all look like fools.
Of course, the results of the report are available to congress, and I hope that some eagle-eyed congresspeople (and I do hope that it’s more than just Ocasio-Cortez – she is awesome but she can’t truly be expected to do everything on her own) look through it and find some grounds for impeachment they can make stick.  Using the presidency for personal profit, general incompetence, insanity, whatever.
But, as far as Mueller and the DNC are concerned, I suspect they have achieved their true goal.  That’s because I suspect that their goal, from the beginning, was twofold:  to give Hillary Clinton an excuse for having lost the most unloseable election ever, and to delay impeachment for long enough that Nancy Pelosi and others could say “There is no need to impeach now.  The next election is right around the corner.”
I’m sure their calculations included the length of his term – we’re just a couple of months shy of the halfway mark – and the Democratic primary schedule.
I imagine it’s the reason Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy so early.
It could be I’m being paranoid and drawing lines between dots where there need be no lines, but nonetheless, this is where we find ourselves.  No actual charge of treason, and a Democratic party that doesn’t want to impeach for anything less.

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