Dance Day

It was a perfectly lovely little Spring Saturday.  Woke up early and went back to bed, but still had to be up and on the road by 9.  Isabel had a dance competition in Kadan, a town I’d never even heard of before.  Sam had football, so he stayed home.

We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast, the one next to Šarka, with the spectacular view.
We got there in plenty of time, dropped Isabel off, and walked into town.  Not exactly what you’d call a bustling place.  The square was lovely, but empty.  We found a cafe, and sat on the terrace for a while, and looked down at…nothing, really.  But after that we took a walk down that way, via ‘the narrowest street in the Czech Republic, and at the bottom of it we were on the outside of the town walls, which we followed until we came to the river, a broad and narrow stream with a couple of weirs for water to tumble over, and there was a nice walkway.  We saw a couple of people on bicycles, but it was still not crowded at all.  Walked back inside the walls, saw the castle, which was not very impressive, as castles grow, walked through a park with a local painting and photography exhibit, and into a toy shop and a shoe shop without buying anything (as I said, it was a good day) and got back to the sports hall in plenty of time for Izzie’s performance.

There, the atmosphere shifted from peaceful, natural Spring in bloom in a quaint, little town to the inside of a sports arena with a milling crows, large stuffed animal mascots, and a terminal level of noise.
Then, Izzie’s group won!  I was surprised at that, but pleasantly so.

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  1. David Davis

    Thank you for the post. This is my first impression of the Czech Republic. It sounds like dancing is important.

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