They Step Up, They go Down

They keep popping up.  They keep fizzling.  Some faster than others, but mostly it doesn’t take long.  Andrew Yang.  One day you’d never heard of him, the next day he was going to save America.  The UBI idea is not bad, I haven’t given it too much thought.  But, after that internet discussion on the pros and cons of circumcision (which he’s against) you suddenly don’t hear much about him any more.
Then there is Perky Pete, who speaks 34 languages and is a piano virtuoso in his spare time, besides being a genius.  But, once people took a look at his record and his platform, they started to realize that he didn’t have much of a record or a platform.  He’s not out yet, but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t fade soon.
Then along came Biden.  He hasn’t even said he’s running yet, but he hasn’t said he isn’t, and a wink is as good as a nod to a blind man, as they say, somewhat perplexingly.  He’s got a horrible record, just boxes and boxes full of stuff he’s done that progressives don’t like, and then there’s Gropergate.  Which wouldn’t have been so bad, he could have ridden it out, but then he gave a super lame apology and is already back to making jokes about it.  That just shows that he doesn’t understand women.  You don’t joke about this shit.  He’s toast.
Then, Ive seen messages today, like lots of them, urging me to sed a dollar to Mike Gravel.  Now, there’s something to be said about his candidacy.  He’s anti-war, for instance.  But, he’s nearly 89 and hasn’t held a public office for nearly 40 years.  He’s most famous for dropping a stone into a lake.
I think he can be discounted, as well.

One advantage of this canddate-a-week program is that we haven’t been hearing so much about Warren, Harris, Gillebrand et. alii  That is a fact.

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