The Meme’s Extremes

Morning make up blog here because I smoked too much pot last night and couldn’t zero in on a topic.  I was just scrolling through my feed over my second cup of coffee when I remembered that fact, and was looking at a very interesting meme at that moment, so here goes.
The meme showed a marble statue, a standing nude female, Amazon like, holding a sword in one hand, and a man’s severed head in the other.  And the caption said, “Be Thankful We Just Want Equality, and not Payback.”
I have very mixed thoughts about this.  First, from memes like this, and remembering the absolute glee with which women celebrated Lorena Bobbitt, it is clear that some women really, really do want payback.  And, yes, that scares me.
On the other hand, it is a very funny, and totally justifiable meme.  There are many men walking around the world today of whom it could be said, that the greatest contribution they could make to the world would be their absence, their sudden transfer into non-existence, the having of their head suddenly severed from their shoulders.  For various reasons.  On the other hand, some of the more rabid feminists would include me in that group, and some include all men in that group.

It’s like so many things, I guess.  Funny, if you’re willing to look at it as a joke, and progressively less funny the more literally you take it.  There are a lot of memes out there like that.  On many different topics.

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