The Burning of Notre Dame

I suppose if you are Catholic, or French, the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is a deeply felt tragedy.
Being neither, I see it as a fire.  It seems it was started by some of the work on restoration.  It can happen.

The main structure of the building remains the same.  The roof and tower were destroyed, as well as the stained-glass windows, so it’s a loss for the art world, certainly.  But, nobody was killed. (touch wood)  One fireman was injured.

It was not, as I saw one commenter say, ‘the end of the world’.

It was not nearly as bad as the wildfires that swept through California last summer.  People died in those.  An entire town was destroyed.  There were cathedrals which were destroyed much more thoroughly in World War Two.  This is not a tragedy on that scale.  That time that gunmen came into a Paris nightclub and started shooting people was a far greater tragedy than this.
But, this will probably be remembered longer, because we pay more attention to iconic old buildings than we do to people’s lives.  Funny, how that works.
I imagine it will be rebuilt, and in a lot less time than it took to build it originally, back in the 12th century.  At least, I hope so.  It was, apparently, a very important place to a lot of people.

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